Chaupal Gramin Vikas Prashikshan Evam Shodh Sansthan

Tribal People’s Rights over Natural Resources

tribal-peoples-rightsChaupal facilitates implementation of Forest Rights Act particularly in tribal dominated areas, through building capacities and perspectives of both the community and the government towards ensuring individual and community forest rights under the Act.

Safeguarding Tribal Peoples’ Right to Livelihood through monitoring of works being done under MGNREGA. Chaupal renders support by creating awareness among the community about the provisions enlisted under the Act and ways to access the entitlements and grievance redressal mechanism.

Chaupal believes in strengthening community organisations of indigenous people that can demand for all of their basic rights. Safeguarding women’s rights specifically in areas of nutrition, health, livelihoods and protection from violence has been integrated into the work but in varying degrees across the four organisations.  Strengthening community monitoring mechanisms and strengthening local governance mechanisms is a major feature of Chaupal’s work.