Chaupal Gramin Vikas Prashikshan Evam Shodh Sansthan

Vision and Mission

visionVision Statement

Empowering the disempowered

Mission Statement

Building organizations of the marginalized and vulnerable to access their comprehensive rights of livelihood, nutrition and health with dignity

Vision and Mission Statements Explained

Chaupal envisions a fairer and just society wherein the rights of much ignored and disadvantaged sections of the society mainly, of that of tribal communities are not jeopardized. We seek a society where people are aware of their basic rights and duties. An enabling and conducive environment freed from different forms of discrimination for realizing potential of people is at the core of Chaupal’s philosophy.

Chaupal seeks to enable tribal communities and such marginalized sections to exercise their basic human rights through capacity building initiatives in areas of health and nutrition, education, gender issues, forest rights and livelihood. Chaupal aims at bringing in people-oriented improvements in public policy interventions, identifying significant policy gaps and consolidation of grievance redressal mechanisms.